Where Can You Meet Medanets in 2020?

Almost all events scheduled for the spring and summer have been postponed to autumn. Event organisers have already decided new dates for the events. Time will tell how the coronavirus pandemic will progress and how it will affect the rescheduled events.

  • Vitalis, 25.-27.8.2020 | Gothenburg, Sweden (as a digital conference)
  • Tulevaisuuden sairaala, 2.-3.9.2020 | Helsinki, Finland (as a digital conference)
  • HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, 7.-9.9.2020 | Helsinki, Finland (as a digital conference)
  • The Finnish Nursing Exhibiton, 24.-25.9.2020 | Helsinki, Finland
  • Finnish Social Welfare and Health Care ICT Conference, 14.-16.10.2020 | Turku, Finland
  • PTH – Perusterveydenhuolto 2020, 10.-11.11.2020 | Espoo, Finland
  • eHiN, 10.-11.11.2020 | Oslo, Norway (as a digital conference)
  • Digital Health Nordic, 10.12.2020 | Helsinki, Finland (as a digital conference)


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