Medanets to be part of the new information system solution of the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia

Medanets to be part of the new information system solution of the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia

The wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia chose Medanets’ partner Tietoevry’s Lifecare as its new client and patient information system. The Medanets mobile app serves as a key component in the solution.

Medanets’ partner Tietoevry, a leading Nordic provider of comprehensive health and social care solutions, won the tender organised by the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia with its client and patient information system Lifecare, achieving the highest score by a clear margin. “Once all the points were counted, the winning system emerged as the best in six out of seven categories and ranked second in the seventh,” says Pia Haglund, CIO of the wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia, in a Tivi article (in Finnish). The Medanets app is one component of the solution Tietoevry is delivering to the wellbeing services county.

Seamless compatibility creates added value for the customer

The documentation of information, such as measurement results and performed procedures, is an integral part of nursing. Seamlessly integrated with Lifecare, the Medanets app enables mobile documentation and viewing of up-to-date information conveniently and instantly alongside other nursing activities, from the patient’s bedside or on the move. Information documented using the Medanets app is immediately available on the workstations and mobile devices of all those involved in the patient’s care, ensuring effective flow of information between professionals.

“Our modern, open and modular solution can be deployed flexibly in easily manageable stages.  The seamless integration of solutions such as the Medanets app with Lifecare leaves medical staff with more time to care for patients. Thanks to the open data model, the solution adapts comprehensively to the workflows of the customer organisation,” says Teemu Vähäkainu, Head of Health at Tietoevry. 

 “The wellbeing services county of Ostrobothnia will be using our mobile app extensively in different stages of care and nursing workflows. This wouldn’t be possible without the seamless Lifecare integration and close collaboration with our partner. Together we create genuine added value for the customer,” says Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO of Medanets. “Our successful cooperation with Tietoevry spans over a decade. This customer project is yet another step forwards in strengthening our partnership.”

Additional information

Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO, Medanets
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Medanets revolutionises healthcare with superior mobile solutions. Developed together with healthcare professionals, the solutions enable safe and efficient nursing workflows, support decision-making and leave time for the most important thing: caring for the patients. The Medanets app integrates with EHR systems and complements their features. The app is used in more than 80 hospitals and primary healthcare units in the Nordics and the UK. We employ about 35 professionals, most of whom are based in Oulu. Our product development unit is also located in Oulu.

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