Central Finland Health Care District Improves Patient Safety with Mobile Solutions

Central Finland Health Care District Improves Patient Safety with Mobile Solutions

Central Finland Health Care District, Jyväskylä Region, has introduced Medanets surveillance monitors with automatic data transferring to the neonatal ward. The ward cares for prematurely born babies or other infants in need of special care demanding intensive monitoring, who are thus continuously hooked up to patient monitors.

Previously, measurement results from the monitors went to a centralised display in the ward office without being transferred to the patient data system, Effica Kuumekurva. Due to this, the nurses had to attend to data transferring manually. With Medanets solutions, they are now able to transfer results into the patient data system with greater ease. During the first month after commissioning, more than 11,000 entries were made.

“Transferring surveillance monitor measurement results automatically to Kuumekurva after checking by the nurse is in line with the very principles we’d like to emphasise in our development activities,” says Satu Pitkänen, application expert at CFHCD.”

“The objective is to automate functions, underlining the principle of one-time entries. The number of manual entries in many of our units has been huge on an annual level, you see”

Patient safety improves as clerical errors are minimised or even eliminated. Ritva Sipponen, head nurse of the neonatal ward, observes that patient safety is also enhanced by automatic control values that are set in advance and no longer dependent on the nurse remembering them or having time left over from other tasks. She continues by saying that the possibility of transferring several children’s data to Kuumekurva at once streamlines nursing as well.

Nurses see the monitors’ measurement results with our app via phone or PDA, check to make sure there are no zero values and accept the data transfer to Kuumekurva. Data can be transferred fully automatically if needed.

“Commissioning Medanets solutions in the neonatal ward ran quickly. The PDA we selected is clear and easy to use, and we can sign in with our health care ID card chips”, says Satu Pitkänen.”

“With the help of automatic entries, infant monitoring data becomes promptly and correctly available to everyone participating in the baby’s care,” application expert Pitkänen continues”

The neonatal ward is aware that this app is a recording aid only and that monitoring the child is still just as important as it was before. Medanets mobile solution was recently introduced also at CFHCD’s neurology ward and cardiac monitoring.


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