New faces at Medanets: Tommi Ritola, Thomas Lindqvist and Kausha Pansaniya

New faces at Medanets: Tommi Ritola, Thomas Lindqvist and Kausha Pansaniya

Tommi Ritola started his work as an iOS developer for Medanets in late May. Thomas “Linkku” Lindqvist, in turn, joined the Service & Delivery team in August. In June, Kausha Pansaniya joined us to support implementations in the UK.

We are overjoyed to once again welcome great people to our growing team!

Tommi: “I’m really happy I had the courage to switch jobs and join Medanets”

Tommi’s career path has taken him from testing and test automation to app development. Before Medanets, the integrated systems engineer worked for Nokia, F-Secure and Polar. Tommi heard about and became interested in Medanets through both a friend of his and a professional recruiter. “My friend had an interview with Medanets and spoke highly of the company, especially of the people and the atmosphere. In my own talks with Medanets, I really got the sense that this company employs people with a similar mindset to me, who really care about what they do. The company’s philosophy was a great match with my own. Everything just seemed to click,” says Tommi.

Tommi feels that working on a healthcare app is meaningful because the work is carried out for a good cause. The purpose of the app is to help others. “Overall, my work is very important to me. It challenges me and provides a sense of security and routine in my life. I feel great about working for Medanets and I enjoy going to work every morning. The job description is just what I like to do; programming and related tasks. I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know my new coworkers. I’m really happy I had the courage to switch jobs and join Medanets,” says Tommi.

In his free time, Tommi goes to the gym and plays games. In addition to reading and exercising outdoors, Tommi likes to tinker with technology, from televisions and computers to consoles and cars. Tommi also has a soft spot for animals, even though he currently does not have a furry friend of his own.

Linkku: “The work community of Medanets has a positive atmosphere and a can-do attitude”

In the summer, Thomas “Linkku” Lindqvist was on his way from Sweden to his home in Espoo after a trip with his camper van. After crossing the border in Haparanda, he was thinking about his next steps and decided to call an old friend whom he hadn’t spoken to in years. The call was answered by the cheerful voice of Medanets’ CEO Jusku! The two friends decided to get together in Oulu and, during the evening, the topic turned to work and the open Service & Delivery Specialist vacancy at Medanets. “The more I heard about Medanets as a business and employer, the more intrigued I got. I claimed that this position was made for me and insisted I get an interview,” says Linkku, laughing.

At the interview, both Linkku and the interviewers realised that the feeling was mutual and this was a great match. Linkku joined Medanets in August. “I believe that my international experience from Europe and Asia will prove to be a great strength as Medanets seeks to grow and expand to new markets,” says Linkku who has worked on the installation and implementation of various IT systems over the years. In recent years, he has mostly worked on the installation, administration and technical support of Linux-based server environments for Finnish clients. The chance to once again tackle more international duties was what drew him to Medanets. “I’m really glad I was offered this challenge. Of course, despite my experience, I have a lot to learn, such as the clients in the healthcare sector, who are completely new to me. I feel welcomed and accepted in the work community. During my first week in the new job, I had the opportunity to meet almost everyone who works at Medanets. I saw that the company has a positive atmosphere and a can-do attitude.”

In addition to trips with his camper van, Linkku enjoys exercise in various forms, such as spending time in nature, hiking in national parks and jogging. He has also enjoyed trampolining. These days, Linkku does indoor skydiving and is a certified wind tunnel flight instructor. In the spring and summer, he commutes to the office in Keilaniemi by bicycle. After all this exercise, Linkku rests and recuperates by watching motor racing, especially rallying and Formula One.

Kausha: “Colleagues are like family”

Through our close partner Jora Health, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Kausha Pansaniya to our Service & Delivery team in the UK. Learn more about Kausha here.


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