Kausha Pansaniya strenghtens our team in the UK

Kausha Pansaniya strenghtens our team in the UK

Kausha Pansaniya is our second Information Technology Consultant in the UK. She joined our Service & Delivery team through our close-knit partner Jora Health Ltd this June.

Kausha holds a master’s degree in both Information Technologies and Data Science. Previously, she has worked as a developer, but the time was right to learn more and pursue new career goals. “Working as an IT consultant in the healthcare domain helps me gain new knowledge about the technical side of things, like HL7 services and how the interfaces are working. But I also get to know about the way healthcare teams work, their workflows, and communicating with clients”, says Kausha.

“Colleagues are like family”

Despite some busy times with the clients, Kausha also thinks that her job satisfaction is good at Jora / Medanets. “Colleagues are very friendly and helpful, quite like family”, she says. “Thanks to them, tasks that may seem tricky at first become a lot easier.”

Our Finland-based team, too, has grown during the last months. Thomas Lindqvist joined the Service & Delivery team this August and Tommi Ritola is our new iOS developer since May. A warm welcome to everyone!


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