Tampere University Hospital

Tampere Region Expanded the Use of Medanets

As a result of implementations carried out in October-November, several features of the Medanets app were taken into use in Tampere region. Mobile photo and risk forms were included among others. The implementations were carried out in good cooperation with Istekki Oy.


Positive Experiences from Seinäjoki

All inpatient wards of the Seinäjoki City Hospital started using the Medanets mobile application in the early summer of 2020. The application was accepted with an open mind, and the related user experiences have been positive.


Mobile NEWS Score Calculation Model for COPD Patients

The Early Warning Score of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients at the Turku University Hospital is determined with a mobile application, using a calculation method tailored for this particular group of patients.


Real-Time Data Is Vital to Patient Safety

In order to ensure high quality of treatment and patient safety, the nursing staff must have the required information present exactly when it is needed. This means immediate access to vital information related to the patient’s care. The information must also be adequately comprehensive, unambiguous and ready to use.


Pirkanmaa Hospital District Says NO to Pressure Ulcers

Pirkanmaa Hospital District in Tampere Region has developed an operating model suitable for the treatment of all patients, called ‘Say NO to Pressure Ulcers’. To support the operating model, a custom, evidence-based pressure ulcer risk assessment method was developed and introduced to the Medanets mobile application.