Ensuring medical device competence with device passports

The regulation on medical devices also applies to software products, such as the Medanets app. From the point of view of patient safety and smooth practical work, it is important to ensure that healthcare professionals know how to use the medical devices safely and as intended. In the wellbeing services county of Kanta-Häme, south-west Finland, competence to use the Medanets app and other medical devices is ensured with the help of 'device passports’.  


 Sneak Peek: advanced pain scale  

Next year, we will implement an advanced pain scale for the Medanets Clinical forms feature. Our customer has also participated in developing the scale.   


Sneak Peek: Updates to Admin UI  

We are now releasing new Admin UI editors for editing Worklists and Decision prompts.  The reporting sections also has new features.  


Reports showcase the potential of healthcare data in the UK

Healthcare data showed its potential in the UK when the National Health Service used it to help face the challenges of the COVID pandemic. Now the British healthcare system is exploring what can be done to bring out the full potential of healthcare data.