Noora Kinnunen Joins Medanets Team

Noora Kinnunen Joins Medanets Team

Noora Kinnunen started working at Medanets in early May. She will replace our Marketing Coordinator during a parental leave.

As we were seeking a substitute for our Marketing Coordinator, we wanted to find a talented multitasker with a positive attitude towards life. Because our aim is to continue the employment even after the substitution period, we were particularly looking for someone who could bring Medanets fresh perspectives and new expertise in the long term.

We believe that in Noora we found just what we were looking for. We also believe that we can offer her exciting challenges and a work community to thrive in.

“At Medanets, meaningful work meets responsible business”

Prior to joining Medanets, Noora worked for 1.5 years in a Technology Transfer Office at a research centre in Germany. Her responsibilities included marketing and communications duties both within the research centre and in its stakeholder relations.

Noora has studied languages, organizational sciences and corporate social responsibility management. In particular, knowledge of languages (Finnish, Swedish, English and German) will prove useful in Medanets’ marketing and communication.

Doing meaningful work is important to me. It is equally important that the company takes responsibility. By responsibility, I do not only mean environmental friendliness, but that the entire revenue logic of the company is built on a responsible basis. At Medanets, meaningful work meets responsible business. I truly believe that our product is needed in the market, as well as in society at large.”

Noora Kinnunen


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