Santeri Hautala to test the functionality of our app

Santeri Hautala to test the functionality of our app

The aim of our operations – and thus, software design – is to offer better care for patients with the help of the best mobile solutions. The solutions must be functional, quick and excellent in terms of usability. Testing operations are of key importance in ensuring this, and hence, we strengthened our testing team with a new member. Santeri Hautala joined us at the beginning of May.

Santeri is a thesis away from graduating as a Bachelor of Business Administration in computer science, and since the topic of that thesis is more than likely to come from Medanets, it is possible for him to finish his studies alongside his work. Previously, Santeri has graduated with a Vocational Qualification in Information and Communications Technology. He has gained work experience during his studies from various augmented reality projects, for example.

At Medanets, Santeri was fascinated by the opportunity to jump into the world of healthcare, which is new to him. “I am interested in how technology and computer science skills can be utilised in the social and healthcare sector,” says Santeri. “I feel that the Medanets app is in a key role in improving the efficiency and quality of nurses’ work, and it is wonderful to get to participate in the development work of such a significant product.”

The atmosphere of the Medanets company was also appealing, something which came across already during the application process. The vibe of the first few days has been good all around. “I can tell that they have invested in orientation here and I feel welcomed.”

Even when reading the job ad, I got the feeling that they wanted a person to work here, not a robot. The humane vibe came across. An open and relaxed atmosphere is motivating.

Santeri Hautala, Test Developer

In his free time, Santeri enjoys pop culture in all its forms, goes to the gym, cooks, and likes spending time with his family.


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