Tampere Region Expanded the Use of Medanets

Tampere Region Expanded the Use of Medanets

Several features of the Medanets mobile app became more extensively used in the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Tampere region, during October and November. The implementations were carried out in good cooperation with Istekki Oy. The features clinical forms and mobile photo were taken into production use. At the same time, the use of the features observation values, EWS and monitored patients was expanded.

In addition, a pilot on Medanets’ medication feature was launched this autumn by the Pirkanmaa Hospital District’s Safe Pharmacotherapy working group in five inpatient wards from different divisions. The pilot aims to incorporate documentation regarding the administration of all medications as part of a smooth care workflow with the mobile solution. It is expected that the mobile solution will improve the speed of documentation, supporting compliance with the Pirkanmaa Hospital District guidelines regarding the documentation of medication administration. Documenting medication administration improves patient safety and reduces the frequency of ambiguities related to the pharmacotherapy process. The goal of the pilot is to ensure that the solution provides the targeted advantages and introduce the medication feature to organisation-wide usage in 2021.

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