A new face at Medanets: Olli Miettinen

A new face at Medanets: Olli Miettinen

Our R&D team gained a new member at the beginning of October when Olli Miettinen joined Medanets as a server software developer.

In addition to implementing new features, Olli’s job description includes the continuous development of the existing software architecture.

Olli graduated with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Oulu in 2008, and has already gained a wide range of experience. He has become familiar with different web applications, databases, mobile application servers, and IoT device management services in his previous work. “Now, it’s exciting to get to work in a completely different industry where the product has a really concrete meaning for the customer,” Olli says.

Like many Medanets coders, Olli has always been fascinated by information technology. “From an early age, I’ve been interested in computers, and gaming in particular. I tried coding for the first time in middle school at a computer club, and I really liked it. It’s still fun, and that’s why I also enjoy working in this field.” Olli still plays Nintendo and Playstation – whenever this busy father has time to spare.

Olli got a tip about the vacancy at Medanets from a colleague whom he knew from his previous job.

Medanets was recommended to me by a friend who already worked here, who told me that the company really cares about the people working here. After a couple of months, I can say that it is true. The company trusts the employees, and the product is awesome. All this is reflected in an excellent working atmosphere, and that relaxed feeling you have when you come to work every day.

Olli Miettinen

Welcome to the team, Olli!


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