Access to Mobile Point-of-Care Application Expands to New Primary Health Care Units

Access to Mobile Point-of-Care Application Expands to New Primary Health Care Units

The documentation needs of primary health care are similar to those of a central hospital, which is why mobile documentation streamlines the work flow of care professionals working at health centres and clinics as well.

Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority was the first to introduce Medanets mobile solutions not only to the hospital, but also to the primary health care units in Kajaani, Sotkamo, Suomussalmi and Kuhmo in 2015. The people in Kainuu have been satisfied with point-of-care documentation as it significantly improves patient safety and the efficiency of operations.

This year access to mobile solutions expanded from the mentioned primary health care units to the Central Finland regional health care centre, the Kaarina health centre and Rauma health care services.

Central Finland Regional Health Care Centre

On the primary health care side, Medanets mobile documentation of observation values was introduced at the units of the Central Finland regional health care centre situated in Joutsa, Laukaa and Keuruu. The introduced mobile solution enables data transfers directly into the Electronic Health Record via mobile device. With less time spent on information work, nurses are left with more time for the patient.

This is handy not to have to make entries on a piece of paper!

Mobile documentation allows for more immediate nursing; more time for the nurses to spend with the patient.

At the same time, the wards began to evaluate the patients’ condition systematically with National Early Warning Score (NEWS). The Medanets app utilises the observation values recorded for the patient and determines the risk score by comparing how much these values deviate from normal ones. The total score helps nurses to evaluate the patient’s overall situation, providing support to decisions on whether to send the patient to the specialised medical care emergency clinic.

Kaarina Health Centre

Wards 1 and 2 of the Kaarina health centre utilise the mobile point-of-care solution for mobile documentation of observation values, but also for calculating the NEWS and displaying the corresponding instructions for action.

These new mobile workings were put to use at once with great enthusiasm.

Incredibly good and it sure speeds up work!

It frees resources for nursing significantly.

Especially the NEWS feature is truly useful since it gives the nurse instructions at once on what to do and automatically calculates the score from the entered values.

Very clear and easy to use!

Rauma Health Care Services

Three wards providing the Rauma health care services went mobile as well. Observation values, such as the blood pressure, the pulse and the temperature, which had previously been recorded on the computer, are now recorded at once via mobile device while with the patient. Previously measured values are also displayed through the mobile device, whereby the care staff is able to respond more rapidly to any changes in the patient’s condition.

Having heard so many good things about the mobile solution, the locals had already been eagerly anticipating access to it.

Reading the barcode on the patient’s wristband is really quick and easy.

This saves time for other work.

Quick entries to the EHR for the doctors and nurses to access.

The Medanets trainers were very capable and multi-professional.


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