Clinical forms are renewed!

Clinical forms are renewed!

Our Clinical forms solution has taken major steps forward. It is smarter, more versatile and more customisable!

New logic takes previously measured values into account

The solution uses new types of logic and is able to, for example, utilise laboratory results and documented vital signs in its calculations, as well as take into account the patient’s age.

In sepsis screening, one of the variables is the blood lactate level. Our solution, integrated into the electronic health record, retrieves the lactate concentration from the lab results and automatically takes it into account in the sepsis screening performed on the patient.

Clinical forms in different workflows – 30 different forms already in use

Clinical forms

Healthcare organisations and their units are never identical. Some use the Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk while others use the Waterlow Score. Some wards do not have beds, eliminating the need to assess the risk of pressure sores, but use an entirely different set of clinical forms.

Our renewed Clinical forms solution is now easier to customise for different needs. New indicators can be introduced on the run and different rules can be created whenever needed. The most important thing is that the risks are immediately identified during treatment and no assessment is left out due to its laboriousness.

The most common risk assessment forms performed with the Medanets app are pressure ulcer risk assessment, malnutrition risk screening and assessing the risk of falling in their various forms.

Here are some examples of the forms that have just been added to the Medanets app:

  • The MUST method is a malnutrition form that takes into account factors such as edema, ascites and amputations when calculating BMI.
  • The ADL functional capacity indicator assesses the amount of help the patient needs to perform daily activities.
  • The skin condition indicator examines skin redness, temperature, swelling and
    changes in firmness relative to the surrounding skin.

Certain events require multiple risk assessment metrics to be reviewed, such as patient admission. In these cases, the nurse can select the patient admission option in the Medanets app, in which case the solution’s progress algorithm reviews the required assessments one by one.


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