Esko Piippo to take care of customer relationships in Finland

Esko joined Medanets from 9Solutions at the beginning of May. At Medanets, Esko will be taking care of Finnish customer accounts together with his colleagues Reima Ahola and Veli Juola. The job description also includes surveying new market opportunities in Finland.

Esko feels that his work at Medanets is meaningful and suits his own values. “There is no need to invent a need for our product, it is real,” Esko says.

The way of working and the product attracted him to Medanets

Esko was comfortable in his previous job, but after more than seven years, he longed for change. Esko thinks that Medanets is doing a great job in customer relationship management. “I have met Medanets people over the years while touring the same exhibitions, and I have always thought that that company is genuinely placing the customer first. That’s what I’d like to do, too. My own values have never been compatible with a grab the money and run approach,” he says.

I aim for long customer relationships, walking together with the customer. Today, co-operation and joint development with customers is increasingly important. What could be better than creating value for the healthcare industry together with industry professionals?

Esko Piippo, Sales Manager, Medanets

The product also attracted Esko to Medanets; it is somewhat different from what he has previously worked with. “After reviewing the product at exhibitions, it seemed to be very well designed and easy to use. Health technology is an interesting and continuously developing industry. My view is that Medanets is in the vanguard of development in its field.”

The benefits provided by Medanets can also be concretely measured. The product provides the customer with concrete benefits – it is not about making things digital for the sake of digitalisation, but because it leaves more time for nursing. To my mind, this is the cornerstone of Medanets’ product offering.

Esko Piippo, Sales Manager, Medanets

Our corporate culture also contributed to his desire to join the Medanets team. “The team spirit prevailing at Medanets has been particularly memorable from the encounters at exhibitions. The good feeling has only grown stronger while getting to know Medanets through an employee role,” Esko says.


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