Leverage from the EU for Export

Leverage from the EU for Export

Medanets has been developing and transforming health care processes and procedures in Finland for a decade now. The feedback has been heart-warming, and most importantly our solutions are proven to improve and streamline care processes.

More and more clinics in Finland are implementing our solutions, while at the same time we are aiming to grow operations across borders – our target market being Nordic countries and the UK. For this project, we have been granted development aid by the European Regional Development Fund, which allows us to identify the export requirements for Medanets mobile point-of-care documentation. The aid will also help us to further develop product modifications and extensions based on the export requirements and to initiate the export itself.

This project requires a lot of work but we are ready for it. By growing our operations, more and more healthcare professionals have more time for taking care of the patients, which is most important of all.

European Regional Development Fund Leverage from the EU


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