Local support to the UK – experts in the Medanets family share the same values

Local support to the UK – experts in the Medanets family share the same values

The Medanets family consists of many kinds of personalities, united by the same values and a desire to do good through our work. As we are expanding internationally, we have recently got several new colleagues to our team. With our first go-lives in the UK at hand, and more cases in the pipeline, we wanted to invest in local service.

Rose Antony to help as Information Technology Consultant

Rose Antony is involved in the UK projects as Information Technology Consultant. She helps our customers and the team to handle deployments, training, and support. Officially, Rose joined us through our close-knit partner Jora Health Ltd.

Rose holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and says she is thrilled to look around the corners to find ways to serve our customers. “I recognise the value of close customer relationships and look forward to earning and maintaining our customers’ trust by delivering high-quality services.”

What captivated Rose to work with Medanets was the value the company creates for the healthcare domain.

The warm welcome and support from my colleagues helped me overcome the slight nervousness of the initial days of joining the team. After working here for two months, I can say that Medanets is a bunch of friendly, helpful, and dedicated people working towards the same goal. Medanets values their customers and employees equally. This has also helped me a lot to have a better work-life balance.


Jora Health Ltd.

Jora is a Health Informatics consultancy and healthcare provider based in the UK. Jora and Medanets have been working together for the last 3 years, while Jora has been a crucial partner in our collaboration with Cerner Ltd and our UK clients. To name a few of the activities, Jora has helped us with market entry, sales and marketing, client engagement, product development, and clinical risk engagement. Founder & Director of Jora Health Ltd, Dr Shaji Chacko, has used his expertise in healthcare and informatics to help drive success in the market.

‘The journey with Medanets over the years has led to the exciting development of an excellent clinical solution which is driving safety, efficiency, and experience improvements among its clients. The agile working partnership and commitment to quality has been commendable and is reflected in our relationship with clients.’
-Dr Shaji Chacko, MD MSc, Founder & Director, Jora Health Ltd

Additions to our team in Finland

Also in Finland, our Service & Delivery has got two new members, Heikki Lauronen and Jukka Asikainen. For starters, they will focus on helping our Finnish customers, but will later get acquainted with international clients as well. Moreover, we have invested in strengthening our Research & Development team and got Toni Korhonen from Graend company to help with our iOS development.


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