In the future, the Medanets app can also be used in outpatient care

So far, the Medanets app has mainly been used to support inpatient care. Now, the situation is changing and it will be possible to use the app in outpatient care in the future.

The number of outpatients is growing, and the need for a mobile solution has been identified

The number of outpatients is growing. Many of our customers both in Finland and abroad have identified a need for mobile solutions also in outpatient care.

Outpatients have not yet been admitted to a hospital or health centre ward. Currently, the Medanets app only shows patients who have been recorded as admitted in the Electronic Health Record. For mobile care, it would make things more efficient if it was possible to browse the patient’s care history and record new information via a smartphone while providing outpatient care.

Patients who have not been admitted can include:

  • long-term patients who are cared for at home
  • patients who have booked an appointment at an outpatient clinic
  • patients who have arrived at an emergency clinic

Many different identification methods

Patients who have not yet been recorded as admitted in the Electronic Health Record can, in the future, be identified using the Medanets app. There are many identification methods, including:

  • driving licence
  • identity card
  • personal identity code (manual search)

The app will identify patients who are under the care of the hospital district in question. The Medanets app retrieves the patient’s information once and the information will be deleted after, for example, 24 hours. If the patient is admitted to hospital during outpatient care, this information will also be updated in Medanets. In both cases, the patient information recorded using the app will be saved directly in the Electronic Health Record.

When it comes to the technology, FHIR interfaces will be used in the implementation of the new workflow.


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