Medanets to Revamp its Brand – Future Message and Look to a New Level

Medanets to Revamp its Brand – Future Message and Look to a New Level

The new decade will bring an update to the Medanets brand. The updated brand message and look will be visible in our mobile app as well as our marketing and customer communications.

Our new brand is about communicating that we are the best in what we do. The image of us and our operations plays a crucial role as our competitors and we compete over who a customer or partner intends to cooperate with for the next few years. An interesting and appealing brand that inspires trust distinguishes the best operators from the second best. What’s also essential in being the best is an awareness of it being something that requires development and learning, every day of the year. Yesterday’s best will not necessarily be the best tomorrow.

-Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO, Medanets

The update will be carried out in cooperation with Hansdotter and Bitfactor, and it will be released in early 2020.

A clear message and promise to our customers

The Medanets brand is getting the spruce up it deserves. We will clarify the expression of our emotions. Our new brand attributes are: the best in the the world, friendly and a team player.

In everything we do and in all our communications, we want to make it clear that we are and want to continue to be the world’s best in our industry. We love a good challenge and we make good on our promises.

We have a desire to help others. We are a team player down to the core, and willing to make an effort for the common good. We have the courage to be ourselves and show our emotions – to laugh, joke, praise, celebrate and be moved. We share our thoughts openly, and enjoy genuine conversations and encounters.


A brilliant visual identity

Our clear and distinct brand message will be strongly visible in our visual identity – in the new fresh website and in materials sent to customers. You can also expect new things in terms of our mobile app’s user experience.

We have invested a lot in the app’s usability and look over the past year. We believe that visual design will give the final touches to user interface’s usability and clarity. It is important that, in addition to operating smoothly, the overall experience of our solution is pleasant in the hectic user environments.


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