Miia Laitinen to Hunt for Bugs

Quality is of primary importance for Medanets, which is why there are always people behind our solutions guaranteeing quality. These are the people who test the features of our app under just about any conditions. The objective of this is to find any deviations at the earliest possible stage so that no problems will appear when the app is being used.

Miia Laitinen joined our team to test our solutions and thus to increase the quality of our operations. She just completed her Master of Science degree with a major in Information Processing Science. Miia is persistent by nature, not giving up easily, which is a highly suitable trait for a bug hunter to have. For her, app usability is also important, which is why she appreciates the customer-focused way of working at Medanets.

“This job is wonderfully challenging and varied and the working community is just the greatest! I have felt really welcome, so it’s pleasant arriving at work every morning,” chimes Miia. “What I especially like about my job is getting to work with a product of such significance and extensively at that.”


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