North Kymi Hospital Goes Mobile

North Kymi Hospital Goes Mobile

North Kymi Hospital introduced Medanets mobile point-of-care solution and patient wristband management in seven units.

Since the beginning of November, the observation values measured from patients at North Kymi Hospital have been recorded wirelessly while with the patient. This leaves more time to observe the patient’s condition since the care staff no longer have to go from the patient room to the nurses’ station to browse or record patient data. The patient can also be electronically identified through the application by reading the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip or barcode on the patient wristband.

Five North Kymi Hospital wards are already using the new technology, the emergency care department and ward will also introduce the solution shortly. Overall, the care staff has received the solution very well, expressing its pleasure at “getting into the 2010s”.

According to the feedback from the wards, the new solution is well-liked because it speeds up the recording of data a lot. The data is transferred directly to the Electronic Health Record without the need to open the computer.

In addition to the existing features, there are plans to also introduce risk assessment forms feature, which will enable the interactive completion and evaluation of patient forms and risk analyses.


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