Positive Experiences from Seinäjoki

All inpatient wards of the Seinäjoki City Hospital started using the Medanets mobile application in the early summer of 2020. The application was accepted with an open mind, and the related user experiences have been positive.

A particular aim of introducing the application was making the daily tasks of nurses a little easier. Despite some minor technical challenges, Chief Nursing Officer Marita Kojola says that this goal has been accomplished. “Our experience with the application is that it makes documentation easier, reducing the time spent on it significantly,” says Kojola.

How did we ever manage without Medanets?

feedback from a Seinäjoki City Hospital nurse

Medanets is praised for listening to the users’ wishes.

An additional positive experience is that Medanets has considered the feedback provided by the users and used it to customise the application further according to our needs.

Marita Kojola, Chief Nursing Officer, Seinäjoki City Hospital

Mobile Application Helps Develop Patient Safety

The hospital’s wider goal is to develop patient safety and the quality of care. The mobile application has its part to play in these efforts. Uninterrupted flow of real-time information is the cornerstone of patient safety. “Medanets makes it faster to transfer data to the summary view of the EHR, allowing physicians to access the information right at the beginning of their round. Patient wristbands are also used more actively now, and it is possible to identify patients electronically by scanning their wristbands with the application,” says Kojola.

In terms of patient safety and quality, it is also important that the previous examination and test results of the patient can be checked easily. This provides information on whether new results are in line with previous results or if there have been changes. Any changes can be reacted to faster than before, providing the patient with the required care more quickly.


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