Tiina Kotipalo Appointed as Medanets’ Head of Quality and Development

Tiina Kotipalo Appointed as Medanets’ Head of Quality and Development

Tiina Kotipalo started work as Head of Quality and Development at Medanets at the beginning of February. We are excited to have Tiina, who is both a leading expert on the quality management of medical devices in Finland, and an experienced developer of operations, in our team. Tiina is responsible for the maintenance and updating of our quality management system, as well as taking our product forward internationally.

Tiina was pulled into the world of medical devices 18 years ago when she started work at Innokas Medical. For the past 10 years, Tiina has been responsible for quality and regulatory affairs at Innokas. At the same time, she has been involved in developing Innokas’ operations as a member of the company’s senior management team. However, Tiina was originally a software developer, and software is still dear to her heart. Tiina says that Medanets combines two things that are important to her: quality management systems for medical devices and software.

With a quality management system, we can ensure that the Medanets app continues to be safe and fit for purpose and receives the appropriate authorisations also in new markets. The new European Medical Device Regulation imposes new requirements also on apps like Medanets, and Tiina will lead us in our work to meet these requirements responsibly.

Meaningful Work with a Good Team

Tiina has already got to know Medanets’ company culture over the years through working together with the company. We believe that Tiina will be a great addition to our team in terms of both experience and personality.

Tiina wanted to join Medanets because, after working for Innokas for a long time, she was looking for new challenges that would allow her to develop both herself and a company that is growing internationally. Tiina says that she believes in Medanets’ product and success.

Medanets has a highly competent team and a good product that is liked by its users. As someone who has worked in a hospital ward, I know how important it is to be able to focus on patients instead of systems and tools. I feel that Medanets is doing important work that supports healthcare in the best possible way. With our app, we are able to reduce the stress related to the lack of time and the possibility of making mistakes in work with patients.

Tiina Kotipalo, Head of Quality and Development, Medanets

Tiina also finds the societal significance of the work important.

“The allocation of public funds to the right things is something that will become even more important in the future. Also from a societal perspective, it is important to find solutions that can curb cost increases while not compromising on the quality of care and the experience of staff. Nurses and doctors are very important resources in society. Their well-being improves the quality of care work”, says Tiina.


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