Towards a closed-loop medication process – the integration of a smart medication cart with a mobile app

In the future, it will be possible to open a medication cart’s patient-specific drawer using the Medanets app. Medanets is currently implementing an integration with Alphatron Medical Innovation’s medication dispensing solution AMiS-PRO, but the integration can also be done with other smart medication carts.

Integration of a smart medication cart with a mobile app
Alphatron’s medication dispensing solution AMiS-PRO. Photo: Alphatron.

For safe pharmacotherapy

The integration of the smart medication cart and the Medanets app supports the closed-loop medication process, whose main purpose is to minimise breaks in the flow of information and human error in pharmacotherapy.

Medications prescribed to a patient are dispensed in a patient-specific drawer in a medication cart, the opening of which requires identification using the barcode in the patient wristband. The integration being implemented allows identification via the Medanets app.

The nurse:

  1. logs in to the Medanets app.
  2. safely identifies the medication cart and the patient with the integrated barcode reader.
  3. sees the medications prescribed to the patient.
  4. opens the patient-specific drawer in the medication cart by pressing a button in the app.
  5. makes an administration entry of the medications.

The right patient gets a right dose of the right medication!


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