Turku University Hospital Launches Pilot of Medanets Solution for Doctors

Turku University Hospital Launches Pilot of Medanets Solution for Doctors

Turku University Hospital is the first of hospitals to pilot the Medanets solution intended for clinicians and doctors in particular. Hospital District of Southwestern Finland is now using Medanets mobile point-of-care documentation solution in 20 wards of the hospital district with the other wards following suit later this year. Together, Medanets solutions for doctors and nurses enable making real-time patient data available to all users.

With Medanets mobile solution for doctors, clinicians always carry essential data on the patient’s condition with them in smartphones or tablets. Tablets were selected for use at Turku University Hospital. The test group includes doctors who are using the solution for browsing data (specialty-specific screen views, diagnoses, risk data, laboratory results, medications and physiological quantities), examining pictures and making dictations. The possibility of browsing patient data in connection with dictation enables better usability.

Since all this involves introducing new technology, challenges cannot be avoided, however. Solution users nonetheless feel that onsite support has worked well and that assistance has been quickly available as needed. For Medanets, it is highly important to receive feedback from solution users so that the solution can be further developed appropriately, especially since what is at stake is piloting a solution that is completely new to the domestic markets. Suggestions for readjustments are addressed, and possible defects are fixed.

Doctors involved in the test group view the solution as an innovative one, recognising its potential for improving patient safety and making work easier among other things. Further development is continuing so that the solution will meet the doctors’ expectations and suggestions for improvements during the pilot and become a natural part of their working process.


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