We have new co-workers: Welcome, Jaakko Törmänen and Roni Tikkanen!

We have new co-workers: Welcome, Jaakko Törmänen and Roni Tikkanen!

Jaakko Törmänen started work as a Project Manager at the beginning of August. Roni Tikkanen, our new Software Designer, joined us in July.

Varied and international tasks

Jaakko Törmänen started work at Medanets as a Project Manager of the Service & Delivery team at the beginning of August. He came to Medanets from the field of e-commerce. Jaakko found the customers and the product refreshingly different from his previous work.

As Project Manager, Jaakko is responsible for deployment projects from the beginning of the project to the end. He plans project schedules together with customers and other stakeholders, takes care of resource allocation, takes part in carrying out tasks related to projects and supervises projects so that they will be completed successfully. “The job description itself first sparked my interest. It was very broad and involved carrying out a wide range of tasks both in Finland and abroad,” Jaakko says.

When I was invited for an interview and got to meet Medanets employees, my first impression was that this is my kind of place. The atmosphere was relaxed and you could feel that people were being themselves.


“For my first month, I’ve mainly been learning about our product. I’ve already been on my first training trip. The amount of work has been just right. Even though there is a lot of new information, it has been divided into suitably sized and clear portions. I’ve been able to express my opinions from the start. I’m comfortable asking questions and I get the feeling from my colleagues that they’re also happy to answer questions,” says Jaakko.

Jaakko highlights the importance of communication in working with customers. “The most important factor for a successful project is open and effective communication with the customer. It is important to use language that everyone can understand,” says Jaakko.

Learning for work through a hobby

Roni Tikkanen joined our Research & Development team as a Software Designer concentrating on testing. Even though our testing operations have been automated to a great extent, we still swear by the competence of humans in quality assurance: a human being is always the final gatekeeper. Roni’s work also involves solving problems and developing the testing environment and operations from a quality perspective.

Roni, who will soon graduate with a BEng in Information Technology, is fluent in several programming languages and has knowledge of various servers and databases as well as container technology. Roni has learned about these things especially through his interests, as IT has been Roni’s hobby for half his life.

“I first got interested in computers and IT as a kid thanks to video games. I wanted to know how video games are made. Moving on from that, I started learning about how to build a gaming computer and teaching myself the basics of programming. A few years later, I was already running several game servers and communities, which taught me more about programming. From the beginning of my vocational studies, I’ve been writing code for various projects as a hobby. Thanks to my hobby, I’ve acquired know-how in various parts of the field of IT. This has been a great help in my current job, as we work with various technologies here,” says Roni.

Roni is doing multimodal studies at a university of applied sciences alongside work and plans to graduate in 2024.

What made Roni want to work for Medanets in particular?

During the job interview, I had already noticed that the company has a good atmosphere. The product is both interesting and important for customers. I feel that Medanets gives me good opportunities to further develop my professional skills.



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