Medanets app revolutionises the way healthcare
professionals document patient data.

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More time to care, less room for human error

The Medanets mobile app empowers nurses to quickly and accurately enter and observe patient data at the point of care. With almost real-time patient records accessible to the entire care team, you can respond faster to any changes in your patient’s condition, potentially saving lives.

Seamless integration with EHRs

The Medanets app seamlessly integrates with EHR systems, complementing their features and enhancing overall efficiency.

Safe and efficient nursing workflows

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I’m always on the move but luckily so is the data about my patients. For example, I can easily see what the latest vital signs of the patient were and if the patient has any allergies. I can record new observation values straight to the EHR. My colleagues can see them right away. No more notes in my pockets, no more duplicated or delayed entries.