Sneak Peek: Updates to Admin UI  

Sneak Peek: Updates to Admin UI  

The reporting and management tool Admin UI allows the customers and their IT partners to implement the app at different units or wards independently and to modify the app views and examine usage reports. We are now releasing new Admin UI editors for editing Worklists and Decision prompts.  The reporting section also has new features.  

With the Decision prompts editor, the customer or their IT partner can edit the content of the prompts to be displayed, based on the organisation’s instructions. In the past, this task had to be requested from Medanets.  

The Worklists editor supports creating one’s own worklists. The editor can also be used for specifying the time during which a task remains on the worklist.  

In addition to the total number of observation values, the updated reports show the documentation count of individual quantities.  


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