Sneak Peek: Worklists

Sneak Peek: Worklists

The Worklists feature enhances the allocation of tasks and resources within a ward, unit, or the entire hospital.

The worklists contain tasks that are allocated for a specific role, are otherwise of specific type, or a combination of these. For instance, an Acute Intervention Team (AIT) may create an AIT order for itself, and thus see all patients that need to be taken care of by this team. The scope of the worklists can be cross-departmental: for example, a worklist can be created to include the patients of a specific unit, or all the patients of the hospital. The professionals can filter and reorder the worklists based on role, the task’s priority, and time.

Smooth resource allocation with Hospital at Night

The Hospital At Night (H@N) list is a customised worklist that supports a multidisciplinary team-based approach to ensure high-quality and safe care at night, with less staff on duty compared to daytime.

The H@N worklist is organised by an authorised co-ordinator. This worklist contains a clear overview of pending, unassigned tasks, and the co-ordinator allocates them to different occupational groups according to the available resources and needed care. Tasks can be filtered by the patient’s location or by assignee role.

Different occupational groups have their own H@N worklists, containing only role-specific tasks, e.g., tasks assigned for a junior doctor. The junior doctors then mark their assigned tasks as completed or, for a justified reason, re-assign them back to the co-ordinator.

All Medanets app users can create patient-specific orders through the Care activities feature. These daytime orders are assigned directly to the patient and are visible to the entire care team, while H@N orders are first displayed to the co-ordinator.


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