The Medanets app helps standardise nursing workflows 

The Medanets app helps standardise nursing workflows 

A mobile tool that guides the work and supports decision-making will reduce variance and help ensure consistent quality of care. 

Providing standard quality care to all patients is part of the triple aim of healthcare and thus one of the most important quality criteria for healthcare organisations. The aim is to ensure that the quality of care does not vary even if the patients are treated in different places and the healthcare professionals have different levels of skills and expertise. To ensure consistency, standard practices are needed, regardless of whether we are talking about services provided at the hospital or the patient’s home

Sufficient onboarding and training are key to ensure professionals’ compliance with standard practices. This can also be supported by using the Medanets mobile app, which guides the user step-by-step through set documentation and care process.  

Example of standardised nursing workflow

For example, the mobile app can be used to support the standardisation of the nursing process in the following scenario: 

1. The user documents the EWS with the Medanets app. The app automatically calculates the EWS result based on the given parametres.  

2. The EWS result exceeds the defined threshold, so the app displays clinical guidance and prompts the user to escalate the change in the patient’s condition. 

3. Based on the escalation action, the app alerts the appropriate users, in this case, the Nurse in Charge and the Junior Doctor. 

4. Because the EWS result exceeded the defined threshold, the app guides the user to complete sepsis screening. 

5. After this, the app moves on to pain assessment, guiding the user and increasing the compliance of documenting regular pain assessment.  

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Another tool to reduce variance in care is the Medanets Decision prompts. The tool can be added to Medanets Observation values, EWS and Clinical forms features. It matches the observation values or assessments documented by the Medanets app with evidence-based clinical guidelines and automatically displays decision prompts to the user for decision or action. All this happens at the bedside, which makes the clinical guidelines more accessible and understandable!  


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