Vanajavesi Hospital Puts Patient Care First with Medanets

Vanajavesi Hospital Puts Patient Care First with Medanets

The increasing demands and the growing number of patients were behind the decision taken by Vanajavesi Hospital to adopt the Medanets mobile solution. Medanets has helped the nursing staff change their focus from documentation to actual patient care.

Vanajavesi Hospital, located in Hämeenlinna in the southern part of Finland, has decided to introduce the Medanets mobile solution. In the first phase, they will deploy the observation values feature. Vanajavesi Hospital provides acute geriatric rehabilitation care to patients on a short-term basis. Vesa Koivisto, Chief Physician at Vanajavesi Hospital, says that the workload and level of demands have increased radically in nursing work in the past few years.

The number of patients has doubled while the length of inpatient care has been cut by one half over a period of 10 years. In modern acute rehabilitative geriatric care, the amount of measurement data generated is vast. This takes up a large proportion of nursing time, which would be better spent in actual care work and personally connecting with patients.

Vesa Koivisto, Chief Physician, Vanajavesi Hospital

Medanets’ solution is expected to relieve the nurses’ workload with regard to documentation and thus make nursing more patient-centred. It could also help speed up the care process, as readings are immediately accessible to the doctor in charge without having to wait for the nurse to have time to complete the documentation on desktop.

In our estimate, it is cost-efficient to use Medanets to free up and refocus nursing time in personal patient care instead of documentation.

Tuomo Lunnikivi, Deputy Chief Physician, Vanajavesi Hospital

Both the administrative and nursing staff at Vanajavesi Hospital feel positive about the new application. The deployment is scheduled for early October.


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