Privacy policy

Medanets values the privacy of its partners, customers and employees and therefore agrees to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU.

With regard to GDPR in customer environments, Medanets is a user of the files in the Electronic Health Record, never storing permanently any clinical data or information that identifies the patient. Medanets is contractually obligated to take care of the personal data in the files it accesses.

We have also mapped and checked all our files, which exist outside our products. The files and their life cycles have been edited so that the content is in line with the rules defined in the new Data Protection Regulation. The internal processes of Medanets have been reformed to meet the requirements.

Registery and data protection description according to Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 and 24 §

1. Holder of the register

Medanets Oy
Kiilakiventie 1
90250 Oulu

2. Questions concerning the register

Our customer service is responsible for questions and feedback regarding the registry:

3. Name of the register

Medanets Oy Marketing Register.

The register descriptions of the company’s other person registers are available for view by request:

4. Purpose of processing personal datas

Personal data is processed pursuant to the Personal Data Act 8 § for the management, administration and development of a relationship based on customership and a factual connection, the planning and development of business operations, as well as customer communications and marketing.

The personal data of the register may be used for Medanets Oy direct marketing, distance selling or other direct marketing or market research in the manner provided for by the legislation

5. Data content of the register

The registry may include the following types of data:

  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Company and position

6. The use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file, which the internet browser automatically saves on your device whenever you visit a different website. Medanets Oy uses cookies on its websites to improve the user experience. By accessing the site, you accept the use of cookies.

The cookies we use are related to Google Analytics, Leadfeeder and the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) we access. Our online service collects IP addresses to store them in accordance with the service provider’s privacy policy.

You can change the settings for cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Further information about cookies is available on the Finnish Communication Regulatory Authority website.

7. Regular sources of data

Personal data is collected from the Medanets Oy customer data system and the registered person pursuant to 19 § and Subsection 1, Paragraph 1 in 8 § of the Personal Data Act.

Information submitted through the contact form on our site will also be saved. These submissions are only kept for customer service purposes.

8. Regular disclosure of data

The data controller will not disclose any personal data to a third party, unless the disclosure is based on the law, the collective agreement or personal consent.

9. Removing of data

Data can be deleted by customer request or due to the termination of the customer relationship.

10. Principles of register security

Personal data is kept confidential. The data is protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

11. Right to inspection, the correction of information and right to prohibit processing

Every registered person has the right to inspect the data concerning them, the right to demand the correction of information and the right to prohibit the use of their information for direct marketing or other such purposes, as well as to otherwise refer to their rights as provided for by the Data Protection Act. Requests relating to the matter should be addressed to