Medanets works in healthcare education, too

Medanets works in healthcare education, too

Our application is in educational use in several educational institutions, for example in the education of nurse students. Representatives of three universities of applied sciences report their experiences of using Medanets in education.

Mobile applications that work in connection with electronic health records are starting to be commonplace in healthcare. It is important that students in the field can learn about modern tools already during their education.

Simulated patient situations

Above all, educational institutions use Medanets in practical exercises, such as when simulating patient situations. The topic of the exercise can be examining the patient according to the ABCDE protocol, calculating Early Warning Scores or mobile documenting during a home nurse’s home visit, for example.

Medanets is a method for learning nursing work and documentation in practice already while studying.

Katri Hemminki, Senior Lecturer, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)

Thanks to the educational version of the application, the students have a concrete opportunity for practising the use of an existing tool and consider its usefulness in real-life situations.

The educational version of the application includes all features. It makes it possible to practise situations in a risk-free and safe environment, thinking and reflecting together.

Senior Lecturers Taru Manner and Nina Smolander, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

Students take the mobile tool naturally

According to Tampere University of Applied Sciences Senior Lecturers Taru Manner and Nina Smolander, students have quite positive experiences using the app. It is not considered to be an extraordinary tool to teach people about, but a facilitator of a nurse’s statutory task. Corresponding feedback has also been heard from other educational institutions.

This is a good working method, and as it is used in internships later, too, it is a good idea to train in it already during studies.

nursing student, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)

Some students are already familiar with the app from their internships or summer jobs. “Some students learn about Medanets for the first time during the lessons. Even in these cases, its use is felt to be quite easy without separate instruction on using the app. Contrary to the common belief, after the beginning, using Medanets does not take attention away from other teaching,” Taru Manner and Nina Smolander say.

According to Susanna Suvimaa, Senior Lecturer at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, students take the app naturally as part of the work. They are interested in the mobile solution and understand its benefits in the systematic examination of the patient and real-time documentation of care.

It has been a pleasure to see in exercises how the students have also understood the risk of misusing the phone: they have proactively told their patient in the practice situation why they are tapping their phones while they are interviewing and examining the patient!

Susanna Suvimaa, Senior Lecturer, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK)

Senior lecturers’ five tips for using Medanets in education

And what tips would the senior lecturers have for other educational users of Medanets or colleagues planning to use it? Pick the best tips from the list!

  1. Adopt an open attitude towards the use of technology in teaching! Experience shows that technology does not draw attention from the actual educational content; on the contrary, it helps the students perceive the meaning of theory in practical work.
  2. Review the topic you are teaching first in theory and then in practice with Medanets.
  3. You should create diverse patient cases in Medanets: younger and older patients, those with chronic diseases and allergies and healthy people.
  4. You should also document sufficient previously measured values for the patients to examine in the care setting.
  5. Medanets can be used for much more than recording new observation values. It can be used for risk assessments, administering medications and planning and administering fluid therapy. Put its versatility to use!

Medanets guides in examining the patient and calculating risk scores.

Susanna Suvimaa, Senior Lecturer, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK)

Would you like to use Medanets for educational purposes at your institution? Contact Reima and let’s talk!

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