DIPS & Medanets cooperate to enable smoother and quicker nursing workflow

DIPS & Medanets cooperate to enable smoother and quicker nursing workflow

As of June 2021, the EHR system supplier DIPS and Medanets have officially agreed to cooperate and provide integrated products and services to their customers.

With approximately 100,000 daily users, DIPS AS is the leading supplier of eHealth systems to Norwegian hospitals. Medanets, in turn, is the leading supplier of mobile point-of-care nursing apps in the Nordic countries.

With both companies operating in the Nordic market and offering complementary products and services to the healthcare sector, the cooperation is a wonderful fit. Medanets utilizes the data in the DIPS Electronic Health Record system by displaying it on a smartphone. Interactive documentation through the mobile app is transferred directly to the EHR in real time. Together, DIPS and Medanets contribute to smoother processes, improved patient safety, and enhanced quality of care.

System Interoperability Guaranteed

With DIPS covering 80 % of the Norwegian hospital market, the cooperation between the EHR supplier and Medanets will enable mobile solutions to be implemented more easily also in Norway. The first customer to implement the Medanets app together with the DIPS EHR was Nordland Hospital group in northern Norway1. As they opened the game and the integration between the two systems now exists, the biggest job has already been done.

Nordland Hospitals’ experience with system interoperability has been very positive. “We are looking forward to the next updates and working further together with Medanets and DIPS to enable continuous improvement. We enjoy the fruitful cooperation”, said Nina Nedregård Jensen, Department Manager in the Unit for Clinical ICT, Centre for Clinical Support and Documentation at Nordlandssykehuset in an interview2 with Medanets in September 2020.


  1. Helse Vest RHF (2020): Fra papilapp til mobilapp på sengepost. Forsking og innovasjon til pasientens beste – Nasjonal rapport fra spesialisthelsetjenesten 2020. 
  2. Medanets (2020): Nordland Hospital in northern Norway embraces the value of the mobile solution. 

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Hamm, Partnership Manager
tel. +47 916 80 539

Nordlandssykehuset HF
Lars Eirik Hansen, Senterleder
tel. +47 412 48 516

Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO
tel. +358 44 566 4999

Medanets revolutionises healthcare with the best mobile app. Developed together with healthcare professionals, the app enables safe and efficient nursing workflows, supports decision-making and leaves more time for care. The Medanets app integrates with EHR systems and complements their features. The app is used in more than 50 hospitals and primary health care units in the Nordics.


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